210 Miss Po1-Cut the beautiful long hair

                              -------Real life haircut production 1


     With the help of our UK friend Mr.Mark. We begin to make a new style haircut videos. We named it as "real life haircut video". What it means? In before, we all make the video as a haircut show, we know that the model cut the long hair only because we want they to be the model. But "real life haircut video" is not, it looks like a customer who want to cut her hair herself, it looks very real in the life. Thanks to Mark, he helped make many very detail plans and his work is very busy. I wish this type video will make a new begin of 51hair. And only watching the DVDs that you can know how good of real life video.

     Miss Po is a very beautiful college student, it this time, she cut her long hair firstly.