344 Miss JiaYan,  a good volleyball athlete -Mano's 6th haircut travel in ShangHai(4)

        I know many Japanese have watched a famous TV 《燃えろ、アタック》,  In China, it is also very famous. And their many fans of 小鹿こしか纯子じゅんこ in China. Miss JiaYan is one of a fans when she is a little girl. She is taller than our man stylist. It was very hot in May and long hair is not suitable for their training. So she decided to cut her long hair. She told us she likes BOB, though Mr.Mano is not a BOB fans, but he is very kind and agree it. Because JiaYan told us she will introduce her teammate to cut her long hair too. Her teammate is beautiful and she likes to have a boy cut.

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