345 Miss LiSa, I dislike my perm -Mano's 6th haircut travel in ShangHai(5)

          Miss LiSa is a beautiful college student. She is very fashionable in the campus. She has perm and dyed her hair. And she is also a free time actress.  So her hair has been damaged deeply. So she told us she disliked her hair and she wanted to have a new good hair. Then we suggest her to shaved all of her hair. And Mr. Mano also agreed to pay her a high price. For a long time thought, Miss LiSa agreed. But she wanted us to buy a hairpiece to her. Mr.Mano also agreed.

       But after shaved Miss LiSa's hair, she cried. She told us she can't stop crying when she saw a bald head in the mirror.


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