4K video



     4K video is our new section, here, only the best models, cut the most wonderful hairstyle, we will make 4K video. We use Sony's latest and most powerful video camera with the top lens and create the ultra-clear video that let you feel you are in our salon or in the studio room.


1105 The first time to Cut short hair

Time 64 Min  (mp4 4k Video), you can also get 30 minutes 1080p video as gift, it is taken from another professional camera.

original price MP4 or Download US$  125 VIP price 100 US $  Sample


High quality photos(6000*4000)

original price  US$  60 VIP price 45 US $

Sample1 Sample2 Sample3



1122  Gloria's pixie ( buy 1122, you can get 1121 together)

Advanced VIP can see full photos

Time 55 Min  (mp4 4k Video)

original price MP4 or Download US$  50 VIP price 40 US $