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                        About 51Hair


   51hair is a professional haircut website from Shanghai, the largest and the most fashion city in China. Meanwhile, 51hair is also the best, most professional haircut website in China, linked by many prestigious haircut sites all over the world.

   The main topic is haircut, more specifically, we target at showing off the art of cutting off the black, long hair of east Asian girls. We have the best-quality hair models in China whose hair is long and silky and most of whom are lovely university students or office ladies. To show off the difference of pre- and post-haircut, we hire mostly long-haired models (averaged 1 meter), the longest of whom has 1.6 meters hair and cut off up to ear. Nonetheless, we do have some not-so-long-hair models who are very lovely and pretty.

   At this stage, we have more than 500 models, that is, more than 500 videos products. For each product, we provide high-resolution photos, and you can see more than 40000 photos free now. Each of the photo is selected from almost 500 candidate photos during our video shooting. And we also promise to release at least 2 new models every week.

  We also provide free video download service for our VIP customers. These videos are of the same quality and length as those non-free videos. So far, there are about 24 free downloadable videos and we promise to update at least 1 video every month. There are two formats downloadable for each video: VCD format (high quality) and Real Video format (low quality). The bandwidth of our server is 100M, so you can enjoy very high speed downloading.

  If you join as a type A VIP member, you can get a precious gift from us, 150 US$ worth of videos. The gift will never expire and please feel free to request at any time.

   All the videos in our website are shot by high-quality professional video cameras. If you choose DVD format, you can even differentiate each individual hair.

   We use EMS and UPS to ship our videos. Although they are pricy, the videos can be safely sent over to you in a short period of time. As our market share grows, we are getting more discounts from these dealers and hopefully the shipping prices will get lower.

    You will not get disappointed if you join our VIP program. You will enjoy the best of haircut in China from us, the professionals of Chinese hairstyles.