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                                  Ponytail selling

Note: Every Ponytail has detail pictures and Video. We only sell the ponytail with full-process shampooing, drying hair, doing up her hair and haircut. If you buy the ponytail, you can obtain the Video belong to the ponytail.( Some very cheap ponytails don't supply video).


1105 The first time to Cut short hair  Sold already


1089 Miss YuanYuan's pixie

300US$  Free delivery


1056 My hair is too thick, please help me

200US$  Free delivery

1054 I will not forgive my boyfriend

150US$  Free delivery


1040 Shave silk hair step by step

150US$  Free delivery


1021 Two girls cut long hair together 1

170US$  Free delivery

1007 Shave my eyebrows, like Qing People

120US$  Free delivery

1004 To be a short hair dancer

200 US$  Free delivery

991 From office lady to man

120 US$  Free delivery

972 I like pixie haircut

150 US$  Free delivery

964 To be a clean nurse

225 US$  Free delivery


941 A Korea girl's new hair style

175 US$ Free delivery

907 MissXue's first poodle perm

150 US$ Free delivery


899 Shave the hair myself

120 US$ Free delivery

886 New woman stylist, new haircut 

50 US$ 


882 Shave in sleep

150 US$ Free delivery


881 Student shave BOB

50 US$ 


853 Poodle perm or boy style?

100 US$ 



845 Shave head before swimming

100 US$ Free delivery


836 So long, So thick

250 US$ Free delivery


800 Miss LiuJie-Please shave my hair clear

150 US$ Free delivery


780 To be a housewife

650 US$  Free delivery


760 Don't cry for your asymmetric BOB

50 US$


734 Miss YiJing-to be a good fashion designer 1(BOB)

30 US$


717 I like shave, shave my head three times.

50 US$


683 Miss ShanShan-to be a kawayi girl

70 US$



533 Miss ChunYan-be a tall bald model

15 US$, not include video



522 Miss YiDan-do a perm like my mother

70 US$, HOT price  35 US $




492 Miss RongYu-Please shave my poodle perm.   15 US$, not include video



434 Use as many as possible rods on my head New  100 US$, HOT price  50 US $



144 Miss Yun- Maybe she is the tallest girl who cut  50 US$ HOT price  30 US $



349 Miss YangYun, I want to cut the top and back hair to very short  175 US$  HOT price  50 US $



N01 The long hair of customer. In the summer, Jane has cut some ponytails from customers. They all haven't videos and photos, so they are very cheap. Jane told me this was cut by a very cute girl, she has cut a BOB.


15 US$